Novella illustrated by legendary comics artist Joe Staton and published by Neotext in 2022.
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From Amazon: "Journalist Matthew Ross and legendary comics artist Joe Staton present part one of Junkman, a rocket-fuelled illustrated science fiction novella for fans of inventive, gritty hardboiled storytelling in the vein of Philip K. Dick and Frank Miller. He was once NASA’s golden boy. Then came the accident, and the world falling apart. Now, Jerome “Wex” Wexley, a brain-damaged shlub living in a shipping container somewhere in post-Apocalyptic New Jersey, spends these grey days demolishing dinosaur satellites so that the fat elite can colonize Mars and leave this dying planet to the dying human race. Which includes him.And then he finds her. Lieutenant Darya Ward, a deep dark secret that will certainly get him killed if he doesn’t report her, lying comatose and pregnant in a rogue space pod that avoided detection. Telling the powers that be about Ward’s existence is what will keep Wex breathing. Helping her is what he must to do to stay alive. He chooses the latter. And what happens next just might save the world."