"Saturday Night Lights" PSA (2023)
Client: The City of New York​​​​​​​
In June 2023 I was approached NYPD Deputy Commissioner Chauncey Parker to make a PSA for Saturday Night Lights (aka SNL), the groundbreaking public-works program he's been shepherding from its inception over a decade ago. It uses city funds (including seized drug money) to keep gyms across the city open on Saturday nights, with elite-level coaching in over a dozen sports, and it's free for every student in New York City. 
The program is one of those rare, perfect ideas -- a win for every kid and parent in the city and a fantastic way to strengthen ties between the community and the city. I spent an evening taking it all in during a night-time ride-along to half a dozen SNL gyms with my great friend and short-form filmmaking wizard Alan Bibby. In short order, we assembled a team for a one-day shoot, found a fantastic young man and basketball player named Zaire Washington to anchor the spot as our "star," and off we went.
There wasn't really a budget, but thanks to a group of insanely talented partners who were so inspired by these kids and this program, we made something we're all proud of. Clips below, along with credits.
:60 Spot (16:9)

:30 Spot (9x16)

Production Company: LolaFilm, Inc.
Directors: Matthew Ross (@lolafilm) & Alan Bibby (@alanmichaelbibby)
DP: John Shafto (@johnshafto)
AC: Sammy Levine (@sammy.august)
Location Sound: Daniel Selby (@shortwave)
Edit/Online: Matt Elias (@mattelias_edit)
Music/Sound Design/Mix: Mat Guido (@soundslikemat)
Graphics/Animation: Gary Breslin (ODD NY)
Color: Mena Smith (@littlesmith216)  
VFX: Ryan Sears 
Post House: Big Sky (@bigskyedit)  

Featuring: Zaire Washington (@zayfrm_bk)

The Filmmakers Wish to Thank:

NYPD Deputy Commissioner Chauncey Parker
Emily Campos (DCYD)
NYPD Sgt. Tiffany Howell

America SCORES New York
Maryam Banikarim
Theo Bibby
Basketball City
Big Sky Edit
Company 3
Ali Corsie
Hand Held Films
NYPD Det. Jose Lopez
NYPD Lt. Yajaira Martinez
NYPD Tiara McLaughlin
NY Sluggers Academy
P.S. 173M
Deputy Commissioner Darryl Rattray
Jeremy Syrop (DYCD)
Sarah Van Tassel
Sgt. Rich Teemsma
Judith Thurman
P.O. Jermaine Washington
Marvea Washington & The Washington Family
We Love NYC